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Stumbling upon the small stage in the legendary Southampton venue Lennon’s, came Leeds band - Eagulls. Infamous for their ‘opinionated and chaotic off stage experiences’, it came as no surprise that the band were seemingly, utterly plastered.

As drunk as front man George Mitchell appeared to be, he still brought an intense stage presence, turning a slightly impatient gathering into an intoxicated, attentive crowd. Their music unites a crowd with a rare, well sought after charm. Mitchell clung onto the microphone and contorted in an Ian Curtis-esque manner, opening with album track- Soulless Youth.

The crowd reacted spiritually to Eagulls, waving their hands and closing their eyes whilst shouting back the sometimes not-so-clear lyrics at the band. A strange stillness took hold of the venue, as the intriguing group of men cavorted around the stage.
Mitchell and guitarist Liam Mathews seemed to get drunker as the gig went on, their song Tough Luck came next, and although effortlessly sounding like the record itself, it was delivered with a bright and raging passion not heard on tape.

The highlight of the evening was no doubt Mitchell giving what could have be described as an inspiring speech, had it not come with a twist - almost inaudible, mumbled and although clearly meant with good intent, it only consisted of a slurred “JOHN LENNON, JOHN LENNON” chant. We’ll have to forever wonder exactly what he reckons to the Beatles frontman…

Ruby Munslow