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SPYNES are a Southampton four-piece comprising of Scott Miles, Sam Egan, Sam Jolly and Christian Astridge. Hailing from the same city as Band of Skulls and Dolomite Minor, they have some competitors in the guitar-heavy rock and roll field, but that doesn’t mean there’s not space for them - because they’re comparable to neither.

Unashamedly overcast and gritty, their music is as dark as the attire they don on stage, but rather than sulk through languid mopery with hair cloaking their eyes, SPYNES are eager on dissolving a provocative air of leather-clad love with their ominous melodies.

When the echoing drums of SPYNES’ debut, ‘I Want You’, begins to pound through the ether like a march to war, the reverberation of those initial Club Foot-era bass lines fuse to a dead-eyed glare. It’s a simplistic start, the likes of which has put the Amazing Snakeheads in good stead. Shards of stinging guitars then make themselves known, quickly fading until we’re left with a Humbug-like breather, with Scott Miles’ spooky near-whisper seducing the listener, proclaiming ‘can’t you tell, I’ve been a naughty boy…’. The surf/desert tones of Sam Egan’s guitar have been yearning to escape above Sam Jolly’s bass since the track started, but he plays it cool, taking his time. And time passes as quickly as he hoped; with a couple of big drum slams the band burst into a neo-grunge crescendo that lands itself somewhere between Crocodiles scowl and MC5 feral poise - a chorus of righteous prominence. Repeat this a little less restraint later on and we have ourselves something frightfully rowdy.

Although The Horrors’ early outputs may have a lot to answer for, the band’s debut boasts equal measures of The Damned, Bad Brains and, more recently, Eagulls. Unlike these demonic predecessors, though, SPYNES are more interested in conjuring something you can yell along to, that’s why the simple-step chorus of ‘I WANT YOU’ serves are the ideal introduction to their threatening garage-punk. Don’t be too afraid, but maybe don’t get too close either…