If you should ever find yourself at Common People, head straight to the uncommon stage; you won’t be disappointed. Since the festival's inception in 2015, the stage has hosted artists such as The Wytches, Black Honey and The Dexters, but the true magic to be found in this stage is in the hands of the Local artists.
The support these artists receive at this stage can be eye-opening, this year being no exception with bands like Dead Freights, Fever and Submariner pulling in massive crowds. Cassava, However, stole the show this year.
Since their formation last year the Southampton band have sold out The Joiners, supported Millburn, and on Sunday they showed a hometown crowd exactly what the buzz was all about. The tent filled when they came on stage, and by the time they'd finished the extended intro into ’20’, mosh pits had formed. The energy from the crowd continued through the whole set, with security constantly having to get people off of shoulders. Shows like this make you realise just how important music is to people, and how there's still hope for local music scenes. As a member of the crowd, Cassava were incredible to watch, and judging by the smiles on the four lads faces at the end of the set; the crowd weren’t too bad either.

(photo by Joiners)