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Dolomite Minor Interview

Following an amazing performance at Club Psychedelia to promote the launch their new single, we caught up with Dolomite Minor ask them a few questions.

How did you find the show?

Max: The show was awesome. It had the usual vibe going down that Lennons always has, just people who really enjoy listening to live music, which you don't get really anywhere else.
Joe: It was a great show with a good crowd of people who seemed to respond well to our music. It's always nice to hear them sing back to us. Lennons is a really cool venue, it gets better every time we come back.

We understand you’re big fans of John J Presley, how was it having him as your special guest on Saturday?

Max: Yeah we love John J Presley, he's like a role model to us, so to have him supporting us was pretty special, it should have been the other way round really!
Joe: I remember seeing him support Band Of Skulls at The Talking Heads a few years back and really loved their sound. He's got a really unique sound, I love his guitar tones. The Fender Rhodes is really a great touch too, with a solid drum sound behind everything. Overall a great band, and they're really lovely people too.

You’ve just released your new single, ‘let me go’, how does it compare to your last?

Joe: Our last release was The Velvet Print ep, it was recorded by Kassassin Street frontman Rowan Bastable in an old barn, the songs had a really raw sound about them. This time round we recorded "Let Me Go" at Green Bullet, the overall sound is more polished, and the song itself is more bluesy, dripping with fuzz.

What has the response been like to the single?

Max: We have had a good response so far, people really seem to be digging it which is really cool.
Joe: I think people seem to like it, we'll see how it goes...

In less than a year you’ve gone from being relatively unknown to becoming one of the best bands in the city (in our opinion), for your age what your doing is pretty amazing. What other local bands would you say are ones to watch out for this year?

Max: We certainly appreciate that, even though it's not true...Umm there's so many great bands kicking around Southampton, we love Mamas Lips, Stone them Crows, Shotaway. Sean McGowan's doing some pretty special things. Our good friends the Harlequin are certainly ones to look out for. Wild Smiles are definitely ones to look out for, they are really starting to take off. There so many, we are quite lucky really to have such a good amount of bands in Southampton.
Joe: It's nice to be surrounded by many different great local bands. Kassassin Street, Mamas Lips, The Harlequin, Shotaway, Stone Them Crows, Wild Smiles, Kill Kasper, Bryony Fry, Oresteia, and so many more..

What are your plans so far for 2013?

Max: Really just play as many festivals as we possibly can, gig as much as we possibly can, write, record as much as we can.
Joe: To keep writing music often, and maybe take a darker root into our sound, and maybe go on the road to a few different cities.

Where does the name, ‘Dolomite Minor’, come from?
Joe: Its from two different cars, I have a triumph dolomite, and max had a morris minor.

Who have been your musical influences from a young age?

Max: It's weird because me and Joe both have different influences musically, yet they both go well together. Dave Grohl's my biggest influence. Rage Against the Machine are a massive influence on me and probably my favourite band of all time.
Joe: I've always liked anything based on blues, with a dark edge. I like anything Jack White /Josh Homme. I also listen to a lot of old blues, Blind Boy Fuller, Rev Gary Davis, Blind Willie Mctell etc. My favourite artist of all time would be either Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix. Dylan for the songwriting aspect, and Hendrix for the fuzz.

Looking forward to seeing what these guys have in store for 2013!