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Although Elena Tonra is recognised and chiefly praised for her seductive folk tones, it’s her honest, brutal and confrontational penmanship that truly warrants acclaim and recognition.

Heading this London-based three piece, Tonra is joined by Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella who have so far assisted this striking songstress through two EP’s, ‘His Young Heart’ and ‘The Wild Youth’. With gripping lyricism pulled from the vaults of ‘Grace’ by way of Cat Power’s refined character, we’re not only treated to the songs of an alluring enchantress, but we’re invited into her mind and her past for a few brief, grim minutes.

‘If you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones’ she confesses on ‘Youth’ as guitars emerge from the depths of solitude and drums pound harder and heavier, Daughter are launched up, way above the realms of Laura Marling contrasts and Lucy Rose comparisons. Divulging stark admissions about buckled relationships and decaying lovers, her lyricism takes us down murky alleys, the sort of places where the aforementioned queen of modern folk doesn’t tread, well at least to the extent of Daughter: ‘I want you so much, but I hate your guts’. Touching.

An air of atmospheric enlightenment surrounds Daughter’s sonic emissions when she steps to the stage, progressive in its expanding nature, and although her voice may be delicately delivered like the precious rarity it is, the contrasts of grim experience and a grave outlook separates her greatly from her contemporaries. All seems sweet on the surface, but we’ve all got secrets and some are darker than others…