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The Black Tambourines are part of this new generation of indie bands that grew up playing Tony Hawks games, spent their afternoons at the skate park learning new tricks and listened to garage music all day long. This is exactly what you’ll find in their tunes: a special blend of garage music, a tiny bit of indie and some strong skate vibes!
It is quarter to midnight when the band steps on Lennon’s smoky stage, and for the next 45 minutes, their songs keep coming, no messing around, quick and catchy tunes that go straight to the point. No need for embellishments, their guitars talk for themselves – maybe a bit too much as we can barely hear them sing or speak, but people make the most of it, listen to the riffs and feel the energy coming off the stage. The ones standing at the front start picking up on the band’s signature move - shaking their heads up and down – and follow their lead. Others dance like there’s no tomorrow, without paying attention to what’s happening on stage: they just feel the beat and boogie.
So when the guitarist puts his guitar down and steps off stage, everyone seems a bit startled, is it the end? Guitars are still echoing, the rest of the band is still on stage and most of all, no one expected the set to end so quickly, it feels like they could easily play for another 30 minutes and everyone would still be dancing or listening.
With their over-sized t-shirts and dirty guitar sounds, the Black Tambourines have taken over the psychedelic atmosphere that usually reigns inside Lennon’s and the band has proven that this new generation will go far.

Coralie Pilté.