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Think of a good gig, how does it usually end? The front rows are dancing, jumping, sweating and singing along, and those who like to stay at the back cannot help but witness the whole show and feel the ground shaking. Well, Splashh managed to get this inside Lennon's, and probably played one of the most rock'n'roll gigs these walls have seen.

The night might have started rather quietly with local band Spectral Park, whose first tracks leave people slightly doubtful and not knowing if they should like it or not. But as their set goes on, the band prove they have some interesting tunes up their sleeves: the riffs become more elaborate and the band more comfortable, finishing with the bassist climbing on his amp.

With the clock coming closer to Splashh time, Lennon's becomes more and more crowded as Superfood make their way on stage. Their Dandy Warholesque tunes get the front rows dancing and the atmosphere inside Lennon's shifts. From standing up and sipping on their drinks, the audience starts moving and Superfood appear to be the perfect warm-up for the headliners.

When Splashh arrive on stage and take their instruments, they have a whole crowd waiting. With their delayed guitars and reverb vocals, Splashh bring what everybody needs: tracks that will get a crowd dancing without them noticing. As the notes of 'Vacation' resonate, the floor starts shaking. With its loops and catchy chorus, the song hits where it's supposed to, on the 'Get Loose' button and a couple of crowd-surfers decide it's time for them to ride the wave of hands, as Vivian's vocals becomes more powerful and the guitars heavier. The crowd follows the band and lose themselves into the music. Splashh can be proud, they have come and conquered yet another crowd, and with 'All I wanna do', their biggest song so far, they take it a level further.The crowd sings along and manages to take over the vocals: Splashh have turned Lennon's into a chaotic and joyful pit. They have marked their territory and the memories and their gig ended the way every good gig should: dancy, jumpy and sweaty.